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Swinging with the pendulum, from one extreme to the other, might work initially. But then what: Flat hierarchies create a new, not a better situation. The problem remains: How do we cope?


Flat hierarchies - why they don't seem to work

If we cut the ideology: Hierarchies didn't work too well. But then, nor does the lack of order.

A plausible answer is given in the Cluetrain Manifesto: Hierarchies don't need to be flat, but they should be multidimensional. If your's is a pyramid and you flatten it, you are taking a chance. Instead, just let the hyperlinks grow as they are required. The pyramid will adjust itself accordingly.

Managing people is then not a question of management methods but a question of warmth. Ho do people cope with chaos? If I am expected to swallow an argument, I am in need of a climate of co-operation. Where giving in won't be seen as a defeat, but as wisdom. The only problem about warmth is: you cannot demand it. Well, you can but you won't get it.

Social pressure is for deep-freezing Man.

Consequently marketing must begin with relations between individual persons, which I believe is not the same as Human Relations Management.

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