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The emperor's new clothes - he's been getting away with nudity in public for quite a while


Is advertising obsolete?

We remember Lord Leverhulme: "I know half my advertising is wasted, tell me which half!"

Lord Leverhulme is, of course, outdated.

These days 90% of all marketing is a waste of money. Anything achieved by marketing today would in fact require a mere 10% of what's currently budget. So sooner or later corporate controllers will be nagging:

Give me one good reason why I must blow nine dollars to place just one dollar sensibly!

Marketing experts are well advised to hunt for answers. Forget numbercrunching, it will not satisfy common sense. That merely proves, what you are counting is numberable.

Testing how people's eyeballs shift as they are exposed to advertising, merely suggests but hardly proves customers' buying behaviour.

My teenage kids, of course, seem to prove me wrong. These days - what's their name? - Noki is "In" (what, again?). I see them spending their pocket money on T-Shirts so they can advertise Noki's logo. Dad, you don't know what's up!

Well, Michael Schumacher seems to get paid for that sort of thing. But then who asked Dad?

As a matter of fact, I believe the kids just behave in cycles. If Noki is In, Appipas is Out. And when it is Roebick's turn, they'll take pole position regardlessly, at a tenth of the budget. That is, if they are smart. But Noki and Appipas won't prevent it, never mind how much they spend.

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